Monday, April 23, 2007

Meeting Another C-Squared

Last Thursday I met Chris Carmichael, and then on Friday he came to the velodrome! That's the short story. Longer (somewhat) version: I went to the Bike Barn in Rice Village on Thursday night to hear Chris Carmichael talk about his new book, and brought the copy that I got for Christmas for him to sign. When it came to be my turn in line, I introduced myself and explained that I was a CTS-er, and he came around the table to give me a hug! It was pretty cool, and we chatted for a brief few minutes about stuff. Then I met Ingrid who also trains with CTS and has my same coach! She lives in Dallas and was hanging out with Chris for the weekend. In any case, our conversation ends with him saying he just might come out to the velodrome the next night, where I'd be racing. I tried not to get my hopes up, but the whole drive home from Bike Barn I was ecstatic! Friday night rolled around and I tried not to keep checking to see if Chris had gotten there, and after an hour or so had passed, I gave up hope. Then all of the sudden, Kathy takes the microphone and says she wants to introduce a special guest, and I knew immediately that it was him - so cool! We talked for a little (me, Chris C, and Ingrid), but they had to leave pretty early, probably because the MS150 was starting early the next morning. Anyways, that was a neat experience, and I felt pretty cool to have met him (and Ingrid!). (:

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Paperclip Ride

Today's group ride was interesting. It's called the Paperclip Ride because the route takes you down the feeder road of IH-45, then turns around and heads right back up the other direction, so it looks like a paperclip. We start off and I'm barely putting out any watts, and everyone's just spinning along like we're out with the kids or something. : p Then someone kicks it up a notch and I'm working harder...then harder...then even harder and I'm still just drafting! Then I take a pull, and I'm thinking, "eh, this isn't TOO too bad," and when I pull off I'm to the back of the pack in seconds cuz I'm so tired and they're so strong. I somehow work hard enough to cut back into the middle somewhere, and try to stay in the draft as well as possible with the ridiculous headwind, and being in the draft was QUITE noticeable at that point. After a while, they just keep accelerating so much that I can't hold that kind of power anymore, I lose the guy's wheel, and I get spit out the back. That was a little deflating. So now I still am working pretty hard, and putting out pretty decent power on my own, and after I make the turnaround, I notice a few guys way up ahead that got dropped too. I think to myself, "if i can get them at a traffic light, then at least I'll make it back not alone." So I keep cranking away, and every time I catch sight of them again around a bend in the road I get another little boost of energy, and I finally caught them. It felt good, and they laughed with me when they realized I was right behind them, panting like a dog. LOL But I'm proud of myself for working to catch them, and it was then that I realized it was mostly P123's that I was riding with in the first place, so I should expect to get dropped, right? : p All in all a good ride, and I am POOPED. Time for bed. (: