Friday, May 30, 2008


But really, it's not at all about the $20.

It was about remembering how much track hack sets in.

It was about almost puking in the first race of the night.

It was about not being able to wipe the smile off my face during warmup.

It was about getting used to a new track, a new field, and a new climate.

It was about having spectators for once.

And it was about just getting out there and racing. And having a gal teammate to give me advice!

Three races. 10 lap tempo (points to the first 2 across the line each lap). Miss-and-out (last person each lap gets pulled). 20-lap scratch (race 20 laps to the finish). Managed 5 points in the tempo, and pulled off 4th in the scratch. So it was a 9-gal field...that's ok, because it still rocked. Now to bed. Tomorrow (and Sunday): Enumclaw.

Like I said -- busy. But still...

Went to Hood 2-ish weeks ago. Had an amazing time. Played soigneur for a team of 6 gals that shrank down to 4. (One of my favorite quotes from the week: "That's a SEVERE whittle!") It was humbling yet encouraging at the same time watching 3 of my strongest teammates kick their own butts in a UCI field. I even got to do some riding along the Columbia River Gorge, and up "Seven Mile Hill Road." Yes, it was a seven-mile hill. I have a photo somewhere of me at the summit. Maybe I'll post that soon. Met the HealthNet soigneur, watched the Pro-1 men's crit, (wo)manned the feed zones, got lost with Team TIBCO trying to find the feed zones, drank beer with the mechanic, and had an all-around great experience.

Raced the road bike leg in Ski to Sea last weekend. Also had an amazing time. Pushed harder than I ever have for 38 miles before. Kicked my own butt. It's crazy what drafting can do for you. Yes, it makes it easier, but it also forces me to push myself just that much harder to stay on the wheel in front of me. Wow. Finished 8th in my division, out of 64, and 96th out of all 440-some participants. I'm satisfied for now, but hungry for next year.

Mountain-biked at Galbraith on Monday. We spent 4 hours in the saddle, on largely technical singletrack. Crazy-fun, muddy-dirty, wet, tough, and at times very frustrating. But my friends were patient and encouraging. I'm SO glad I got a mountain bike before moving out here -- I just hope I find more time to use it! Maybe I'll do more MTBing next fall/winter.

This weekend: the first night of the real Friday Night Track Racing season! Then the Enumclaw Omnium - 3 stages in 2 days. Let's hope my legs are ready for this, eh? If nothing else, it's great training. Patience...I know it's a necessity, but sometimes that's really hard to remember.

Friday, May 09, 2008


Tonight I finally get to head out to the track and test the legs. Old bike still, but that's ok. Putting off the sweetness of the new machine for at least another week until components come in.

Tomorrow is another race in the cat 4 series, and we will have minimal team support. Should be interesting. Following that are some nighttime festivities.

Sunday is Mothers' Day brunch and relay team meeting.

Monday is volunteer meeting all night.

Tuesday is prep for Hood, and hopefully some PR action.

Wednesday I head to Hood River, Oregon, to volunteer at the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic stage race with an awesome women's team. Will be there working my butt off till the following Sunday.

I guess I'll stop there. But you get the gist of it. Phew!

And on top of that I'm spending ridiculous amounts of cash on all sorts of bike-related things - components, accessories, race food, and other consumables...and I wonder where all the money goes. (:

I'll check back in when I get a chance. Should be some good posts about my stage race soigneur experience at least.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

She's here!!!

My new frameset is here!!! Wohoo! Now I just have to wait for all my other components to come in... (: Might cannibalize my T1 just so that I can race the new machine on Friday. We shall see. SUPER SWEET!!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008


sick = no racing = no exciting updates
Missed the first night of pre-season track racing, and today I'm missing the state road race championships.

Rousing game of bike polo yesterday took a ton out of me, but was also tons of fun.

Today is a gorgeous Seattle spring day and I don't have the energy to do anything. I've been making scattered attempts at cleaning the house and yard, but none seem to have a large enough impact to make me feel much better about the condition of either.

Time for lunch and rest, I guess.