Saturday, December 08, 2007

Quick post

Thursday I got adventurous and went out night-riding with Jamie, Tricia, and Amy - all of whom are elite racers. We met up at Speedy Reedy's, rode with Amy back to West Seattle, and then Tricia, Jamie, and I rode out on Alki. We got a great view of the city from across the water, and I got a great workout...more of a workout than I'd planned on, but I felt stronger than normal, and felt like the training was still doing its thing.

To accommodate Thursday's ride, I swapped a rest day for Friday. Apparently, one rest day wasn't enough. Today, Saturday, I went out with the team, and felt like my legs were pedaling in mud. It was awful. We headed down south to Renton and practiced rotating pacelines on Jones Road - I was likely the slowest one out there. And we were on the devo ride. Ugh. I ended up heading back on the west side of the lake with Michele, and felt like my legs were going to fall off. We were both ready to be home before we hit Leschi. And now I'm debating riding tomorrow. We shall see...

Ups and downs...all part of the training, I suppose.

Good things that happened today: we got a Christmas tree, bought tree decorations, had pork sandwiches from Paseo and super-burrito from Gordito's, and the best hot chocolates (ones I imagine are served on the Polar Express) from Chocolati. And I wrapped Xmas gifts!