Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Dream

I wake up. Pancakes are cooking. I make bacon. I devour the pancakes, covered in yogurt, strawberries, and bananas, along with eggs and bacon and strawberry-rhubarb pie for breakfast. I don my kit, pump up my tires, fill up my water bottles, and get on my bike. I ride alongside a lake, and descend through amazing scenery. The temperature is perfect, with the sun warming my back and the breeze cooling my face. At the end of the fun, technical descent, I begin to climb. I climb for 11 miles, looking over mountains that go on forever, and looking down on canyons and valleys that take my breath away. I inhale the fresh pine air and hear the scampering wildlife. I eat. I drink. I converse with the tourists. I photograph the adventure. I descend. I eat. I drink. I bask in the sunlight, admiring the clear blue skies. I share margaritas with my teammates. We make fajitas, and I cook plantains. We eat. We drink. We share stories. We share wine.

This is the perfect day.

It would be a dream.

But this is what happened today.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

San Diego Bound

Lots to do. Pick up bike box. Buy packing foam. Wash kits. Pack food. Pack bikes. Pack clothes. Plan transit. Print tickets. Print rental confirmation. Clean room. Make dinner. Perform field test.

Oh, and sleep.

And share some smiles for a few minutes, hopefully.

So much. Little time.

Tomorrow: rise early to plan it all. Now: bed. Thursday? SUNNY SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Digging Deep

I feel like this weekend opened my eyes even wider.

It was a lesson in realizing my potential, and learning how to dig deeper.

The pain cave almost beckons, now, and I think I'm even fumbling around looking for the key to lock myself inside.

Bring on the season.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Riding Home With Ed

Today began with me convincing myself not to let tiny things keep me from riding my bike. Wet bike clothes still in the washer? I've got others. Can't find my booties? I don't need them. Tires aren't pumped up and I'm gonna miss my bus? They'll be fine and I can use the pump at work for the ride home. Missed my first bus? Go get coffee and wait for the next one in half an hour.

So I made it onto the 2nd bus. There was an accident at Northgate. Ice on the road. When I got off at my stop, the roads were totally frosted over. The cars at the park & ride needed ice scrapers. The first portion of the ride was downhill, and I. Was. Cold. Thank goodness I'd borrowed Tricia's gloves the other night. (Both my other pairs were still in the wash, too.) I don't think I've really ridden in weather that cold. My toes were frozen by the time I made it to work. But at least the rest of me was starting to warm up.

As the day wore on, the sun warmed things up. I made sure to leave in time to do my whole ride home in the sun. And what a great ride it was! I was smiling as I made my way down Airport Road, and saw another bike commuter ahead. As I caught him, I realized it was Ed - a guy who works in my organization! He drafted me for a while, till we hit a light, and then I followed him. He showed me how not to wait for a stoplight that I've been annoyed with lately. Then, because he knew a shortcut, got ahead of me on the trail. But he waited for me! I caught up, and he said, "There's another shortcut coming up if you don't mind riding through the dirt a little." So I said sure - and with Britney Spears wailing through my earbud, I followed Ed (easily 55 years old, probably older) through our own little cyclocross course, me on my Madone, him on his Portland. I was grinning behind him, and he showed me all sorts of shortcuts and trails that I had no idea existed! It was a fantastic ride, and I'm so thankful to him for letting me follow his wheel all the way back to Seattle. He lives on Queen Anne, so we parted ways in Greenwood. And as I made my way down 85th, I was smiling at everyone - people in cars, the UPS guy, kids waiting at the bus stop... It was a wonderful end to a sunny day.

Thanks, Ed. And thanks, sun!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Tragic Loss in the Cycling Community. Now Show Your Support.

Rest in peace, Kevin Black.

Memorial Ride Tonight, 2/5/09
24th and 65th in Ballard

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(Map corrected.)

No determined route yet. All are welcome - on bikes, on foot, whatever.

A great way to show support for friends and family.