Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So it turns out I'm going to nationals after all. Dave Mann called USACycling and vouched for me. And now my name is on the qualified riders list. My favorite lines of his: "As the first place American team at the FSA Grand Prix women’s Madison and the first place Madison team in the Easton Triple Crown Madison Championship, you should be competing. If not, it is a clear sign that the USA Cycling 'qualifier' program is very broken." You GO Dave! This guy ROCKS.

In any case, now I have approximately 2 weeks to hit some sort of "peak" after I planned for my season to be DONE. I found out that I had officially qualified yesterday. So I dug deep, got my motivation back, and am working hard at maintaining it until October 4th.

Tonight I got on my bike while it was raining out. It had just started to drizzle as I was driving home from work. But I went and I smiled and I did my intervals with gusto.

In my head: Points race and Madison. Here I come, L.A.